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2021年04月18日 お知らせ

2021年04月20日開催。HempToday Japan 3周年 & 店舗オープン記念パーティー

イベントまで残り二日となりました。 たくさんの方々からのお申し込みをいただきまいした。ありがとうございます。 上映会イベントとオフ会のチケットがまだ若干ではありますがございます。 参加ご希望の方は下記よりお申し込みください。 イベント予約ページはこちら URL:   皆様のご来店をHemp TODAY JAPANのスタッフ一同、お待ちしております。   https://hem…

2021年04月07日 お知らせ



この度、私たちは、各メーカー様からの御支援を賜り、ヘンプ製品の総合ストア「HempTODAY Antenna Store」を3月27日より福岡にオープンしました。




2021年03月04日 お知らせ



私たちが運営しているHemp TODAY JAPAN は2018年4月20日からスタートして、もうすぐ3年目を迎えます。







At the Hemp Today Headquarters in Poland , Hemp Today regularly invites CEOs and leaders of hemp industries all around the world to hold conferences to build an unparalleled network within the industry.

Prossimo Co., Ltd. imports and sells hemp-derived products from all over the world in cooperation with the Hemp Today network.

In addition to disseminating interviews with domestic companies and industry news articles, we also support domestic business operators in producing OEM products and wholesale of final products through collaboration with CBD manufacturers. In addition to CBD products, we also import raw materials such as fiber, textile, and hempcrete.

We also provide advice and consulting services regarding entrepreneurship in the hemp business.



  • Terpene sale

    The Terpene 430 series is manufactured in southern France, where perfumers gather. An essential oil extracted using only cannabis stalks, which complies with Japanese regulations. We accept a wide range of sales from retail sales to wholesale.

  • CBD raw material sales

    We purchase raw materials that comply with Japanese laws and regulations directly from manufacturers, and sell only those that have passed inspections by third-party organizations.

  • OEM products

    We will develop and sell hemp-related products in collaboration with domestic and overseas companies, and utilize the power of the media, Hemp Today, to provide promotion, support and advice for your sales promotion.

  • Hemp fiber / building materials

    We supply raw hemp fiber. We do hearing for the clients about the details such as the texture, size, diameter and length of the fiber and whether it requires cut, so that you can purchase it in the required form.

  • Brokerage service

    We provide wholesale brokerage support for products handled by domestic and overseas manufacturers for existing EC businesses and those who start businesses in hemp industry.

  • Import agency

    In partnership with medical professionals, we also import hemp products from overseas. We support the submission of import permissions, SDSs and COAs, negotiations with manufacturers, and ordering.

Products handled

  • CBD

    • Isolate
    • Edible
    • Tincture
    • Supplement
    • Capsule
    • Vape Liquid
  • Textile / Building material

    • Hemp shoes
    • Textile raw material
    • Hemp plastic
    • Hempcrete
  • Cosmetics

    • Balm
    • Roll-on


    • Terpenes
    • Hemp seed
    • Hemp oil



  • Product safety

    In order to prove that our CBD products do not contain THC, we will provide products that inspected by a third-party organization separate from the manufacturing plant. With the permission of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we can prepare documents such as COA and SDS because they are officially imported products and raw materials that have been customs cleared.

  • Import of raw materials

    We import all kinds of materials derived from hemp such as textile, raw fiber, and hempcrete, etc. We also provide advice and consulting services to those who want to start a business in the hemp industry. We are aware of the current purchase prices and price differences in each country, so we can propose branding methods and sales strategies for you.

  • Network

    In cooperation with the hemp today network, hemp products you need can be imported from all over the world. In addition, in cooperation with CBD manufacturers and factories, we also support producing OEM products and final product wholesale for you.

  • Correct Knowledge

    Hemp Today is the official information magazine of EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association), which has a network of hemp companies in 36 countries around the world, and as a pioneering media hub, Hem Today holds its own business conferences.
    Therefore, we can provide the latest information on the hemp industry in the world, and we can always give advice based on the latest information.



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